Monday, 1 February 2016

They judge

People all they do is judge. Especially when it comes to personalities.. It's a stupid thing to judge people but that's how life goes.. You'll never know who really will be with you without judgement.. 
Some people just recovered from an operation and then everyone's already like eh, you can't walk anymore.. You can study in this university.. 
Isn't that judging people.. When it comes to reality these things happen especially in malaysia.. 
Judging people isn't good.. It's such a bad thing to do.. For me judgement is a crime.. It can bring to murder.. Because you just can't handle and stop your own mouth from judging people.. 
So my advise to you is Never Judge People cause everyone else has a HEART too

Monday, 25 January 2016

The success in life

What is success? 
Success is the ability to achieve something in life and you feel overwhelmed by your achievement.. 
Success in life is making your parents happy and proud.. Making a change for the better and improving the economy
 To me success isnt just based on your ambition but on how you became and how you will become.. 
Passing your childhood life is a success.. 
Facing through your teenage life will be a success
The capability for you to survive in the future must be a success..
How to survive in life?
You have to have an ambition.. Before you succeed in life you have got to have a target.. A target to achieve..
When you got your target and you achieved your ambition, you have to be grateful for the things that you got..